STOVIT GROUP is one of the leading manufacturers of jams, preserves, marmalades and plum confectionary in the Polish market. The company was set up in 1979. Originally, it was mainly involved in the fruit and vegetables processing.

Beginning with the 80s, the sales were growing and the company started to be recognized as a local supplier of quality products. Then, STOVIT business development strategy changed in the early 90s. The company gave up vegetable processing and focused on jam production, what resulted in the increase in jams and preserves sales by 100%.

First jams with the STOVIT label began to appear on the market in 1992. Stovit branded portfolio started to flourish and already in 1993, the company became the supplier of retailers’ brands as well. Soon Stovit marked its place as a significant market player, national producer and supplier.

Development prospects of the fruit processing market and the consequent demand for jams as well as the rapidly developing business line within fruit processing made the company heavily invest in research and development work, production plants and dynamic development of the technological park. In the early 90s, the demand for Stovit portfolio outpaced the production capacity at hand and a new production facility had to be acquired. The investment quickly paid off allowing the company to grow in value and volume. Consequently, higher productive capacity was achieved in the range of jams, preserves and marmalades, more importantly, the product portfolio was broadened with new, innovative products.



In 2007 Stovit became a Grupo Angel Camacho company and is now able to utilize the synergy with GAC to build strategic partnerships, exchange know-how,  experience and business savvy with the mother companies and its subsidiaries in the UK and the USA on day-to-day basis. Stovit portfolio benefits from the synergy as well – the company is the sole distributor of the Bulerias brand on the Polish market embracing olives and olive oils as well as other Spanish specialties.

Today, STOVIT GROUP is one of the leading producers of jam products in Poland. The company’s portfolio embraces all jam categories ranging from jams, preserves, marmalades, fruit spreads and desserts as well as roasted apples and cheese and meat accompaniments


The high quality of our products has been confirmed by the BRC and HACCP as well as successful results of the U.S. FDA and WCA food safety audit.

Additionally, Stovit’s turnover is nicely complemented by the exclusive distributorship of Bulerias product range, Party Drinks for kids as well as Stovit branded croissants