There are three kinds of accompaniments for meats and cheeses, like: cowberry, rowanberry and cranberry. Accompaniments for meats and cheeses match very well with the noble kinds of cheeses. They comprise an excellent accompaniment for venison, roast meats and all dishes of a hunter cuisine. Additionally, the elegant packaging: the refined jar and beautiful lids decorated with a unique collection of photos visualizing ‘Polish cities on old postcards’ make the products real decorations on even sophisticated tables.

Cowberry - contains calcium, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus and a great amount of vitamins A and C. It is an indispensable accompaniment to turkey. This product is available in the 250 g jar.


Rowanberry – the rowanberry fruit contain a lot of organic acids, in particular ascorbic acid (vitamin C), carotenoids (vitamin A), saccharides, mineral salts, sorbitol and others. Its ripe fruit are inedible. Various kinds of preserves can be made from rowanberry. It tastes excellent as an ingredient of such products as jams, preserves and accompaniments to meats and cheeses. This product is available in the 260 g jar.

Cranberry – carbodioxides are the energy source in cranberries; cranberries are rich in ferrum, vitamin C and fibre. The high ferrum content makes cranberries useful in the vegetarian diet. Cranberries are an elaborate decoration of the table – gorgeous ruby colour and unique flavour. They can be used in making souces, liquers and preserves. This product is available in the 250 g jar.