The Frucio brand accounts for seven flavours of fruit desserts. Due to the stringent conditions of the manufacturing process, they are high quality ready to eat desserts for children at the nursery and primary school age. A beautifu, fabulous and innovative packaging makes it impossible to resist the temptation. The desserts are low-calorie products; hence the group of their fans considerably exceeds the age limits.

All desserts are produced on the basis of fresh, selected apples, do not contain any additives or artificial food colours or aromas. They are high in vitamin C. They are also gluten free and low-calorie products. They are a healthy alternative to high-calorie snack like chocolate bars or biscuits.

Fruit desserts are available in the following seven flavour choices:


Apple mousse

Apple, vanilla and cinnamon mousse

Apple and carrot mousse

Apple and banana mousse

Apple and mango mousse

Apple and blueberry mousse

Apple and peach mousse