STOVIT fruit spreads appeared as the first on the Polish market in an innovative cup, the so called cardboard sleeve. This unbreakable cup hides delicious flavours of fruity delicacies. Our fruit spreads is very easy to spread, has a creamy texture and fruity aroma. "STOVIT" fruit spreads in the cardboard sleeve are a perfect ingredient of breakfast and an exquisite accompaniment for yeast bread, leavened cakes, pancakes and cottage cheese. What's more, this paper "jar" can be taken on a summer holiday trip, on a picnic, or to work, without worrying that the jar might break and leave a stain on the inside of your favourite backpack.

Stovit soft flavoured fruit spreads are available in 3 weight options: 320 g, 470 g, 1000g.

4 flavours:


Rosehip marmalade

Strawberry marmalade

Blueberry marmalade

Multi-fruit marmalade



Hard flavoured fruit spreads are gaining increasing recognition among consumers and comprise a component of a family breakfast. What's more, they are a perfect addition to crunchy bread, leavened cakes and mouth watering pancakes. Our fruit spreads perfectly emphasize the fruity taste of homemade pastries.


Stovit hard flavoured fruit spreads are available in economic weight options of 600 g.

4 flavours:


Rosehip marmalade

Quince marmalade

Apricot marmalade

Multi-fruit marmalade



Plum spread is a traditional Polish flavour. The Polish tradition is replacing exotic and unknown flavours from market, which, at the time of launching sell like hot cakes, but then, consumers quickly return to the richness of traditional flavours.


Plum spreads made by Stovit are ideal for breakfast, accompanied by crusty bread, and provide a delicious filling for gingerbread and other cakes and are an addition to meat.


We recommend all our plum spread options, whereas to those who enjoy the comfortable and modern solutions - providing the opportunity of comprehensive applications: at home and on a picnic - we recommend plum spreads in plastic pots. Our plum spreads in plastic pots do not contain any artificial colourings and are available in 2 weight options 240g i 450g.