Stovit brand has developed an absolutely new product – velvet fruit creams from natural fruit purees, that is 100 % fruit closed in smart jars. The new line provides a perfect solution to all lovers of a healthy diet, searching for appealing aroma and taste combinations in the kitchen. The secret of this pleasant taste lies in the high fruit content – as much as 100g of fresh fruit was used for every 100g of the product with a low sugar content (38g / 100g cream). A high fruit content in Stovit branded fruit creams will make us reach for the taste of original fresh fruits in every season. The combination of ripe fruit taste with an aromatic spicy note comprises a temptation to candy amateurs mindful of their health and slim silhouette as one portion of the product contains only ca. 25kcal.

Stovit branded fruit creams have been closed in classic 260g jars with a pink cap decorated with an image of fruits distinguishing this series of products. Stylistics of the colourful labels, which look as if they were hand painted, refers to processed fruits straight from grandma’s pantry. Stovit branded fruit creams compose the sheer glory of the nature. Our creams do not contain any preservatives, thickening agents, jellying agents or artificial colourings and flavourings. They are a healthy alternative to chocolate or nut creams so much loved by kids because they do not contain gluten or allergens.

Stovit branded fruit creams are an ideal accompaniment for crispy bread with fresh butter served for breakfast. They will be an excellent accompaniment for yeast fritters, fluffy waffles and all ice cream desserts; they can be also added to frozen yoghurt to make delicious shake when we don’t have any fresh fruits available. Apart from that, fruit creams emphasize the taste of cold meats, roast meats and pâtés.

Fruit creams are available in seven genuine flavours:




Strawberry with vanilla

Strawberry with banana

Raspberry with red grapes

Apple with plum and cinnamon

Pear with anise and cardamom