Jams & Plum Spreads


It is worth noting that two of them - strawberry jam and apricot jam are dietary and fructose- sweetened. They are specially designed for people who appreciate the excellent, unique flavour of juicy fruit, but also prefer a healthy lifestyle and are figure-conscious.

Fructose- sweetened STOVIT Premium Jams are also an excellent option to enrich diet for people with diabetes and those combating obesity. Fructose is a completely natural and healthy sweetener that has a very beneficial effect on the whole body. It stabilizes blood sugar levels, thus having a beneficial influence on our wellbeing and reducing appetite. Research has shown that fructose strengthens the heart muscle and reduces the risk of dental caries. Fructose is low-caloric, prevents obesity as well as obesity-related diseases including diabetes, hypertension and atherosclerosis. An excellent, unique recipe, a fine taste of the best fruits and beneficial-for-health fructose make you enjoy them every day without any restrictions.



GenuineFruit jams are the genuine fruity flavour masterwork from Stovit. Without additives or artificial food colours, high in strictly selected & ripe fruit, with sugar content of 63g per 100g of jam, they are sheer delight to even most fussy eaters.

Value Jams

Value jams are the ideal offer for partners & consumers who value the balance between the high fruit content and entry level price attractiveness.

Portion Jams

Jams and honey in alu-containers & little jars are products which appear to have numerous advantages. They are low sugar and they do not contain any artificial food colours or aromas. A tiny package enables the consumption at a time and allows for a comprehensive use resulting from their tiny capacity. They are suitable for breakfast whereas as a catering article, they are designed for the HoReCa sector: hotels and restaurants.