It is worth noting that two of them - strawberry jam and apricot jam are dietary and fructose- sweetened. They are specially designed for people who appreciate the excellent, unique flavour of juicy fruit, but also prefer a healthy lifestyle and are figure-conscious.

Fructose- sweetened STOVIT Premium Jams are also an excellent option to enrich diet for people with diabetes and those combating obesity. Fructose is a completely natural and healthy sweetener that has a very beneficial effect on the whole body. It stabilizes blood sugar levels, thus having a beneficial influence on our wellbeing and reducing appetite. Research has shown that fructose strengthens the heart muscle and reduces the risk of dental caries. Fructose is low-caloric, prevents obesity as well as obesity-related diseases including diabetes, hypertension and atherosclerosis. An excellent, unique recipe, a fine taste of the best fruits and beneficial-for-health fructose make you enjoy them every day without any restrictions.

The following flavors are available:


Sweet and sour cherry jam


Raspberry and chokeberry jam


Fig and orange jam


Roasted plum with chocolate jam


Fructose-sweetened strawberry jam



Fructose-sweetened apricot jam



Fructose-sweetened blackcurrant jam