We are pleased to present Grandma’s Preserves in a new dress to you. The characteristic, glass barrel jar with the original paper hood, considered the distinctive feature of our Preserves for long, has been replaced with a new visual image. Designed for Grandma’s Preserves and Premium jams, the bulbous jar refers to its predecessor. The torn paper shaped label and the lid, giving the appearance of grandma’s tablecloth, give the rustic character to the preserve. The same verified recipes, care about top quality raw materials and extensive experience give assurance that the new dress covers the same perfect Grandma’s Preserve.

Delicious low-sugar preserves are manufactured without adding preservatives or artificial colorings. They are excellent for family breakfast or a morning snack with a couple of friends. They taste excellent along with fresh bread and cool butter. They emphasize the taste of baguettes, croissants, buttery rolls, challah, buns and leavened pastries. They are perfect for bread, pancakes and all kinds of desserts including ice creams.

The following 250g flavour options are marketed:


Strawberry Preserve

Cherry Preserve

Peach Preserve

Blackcurrant Preserve

Blueberry Preserve

Raspberry Preserve

Apricot Preserve

Orange Preserve

Fig Preserve