FRUTA Roasted Apples allow for quick and easy preparation of a cake, a delicious dessert or a lunch dish. There are moments in the life of every family when inmates feel like having something delicious, sweet ... and healthy. Something like a dainty which doesn’t take long to prepare. A dish that you can prepare with your family, even with the youngest ones, having fun at the same time. Fruits allow for quick and easy preparation of a cake, attractive dessert or dish lunch. They are excellent with bread, ice cream or whipped cream. They account for a nice combination with white, delicate poultry.

The product contains no preservatives or artificial colourings. The family-size jar contains 720 grams of the finished product. On each jar, depending on your preferred taste of apples, you can find recipes for homemade cakes collected by STOVIT. The delicious recipe for apple pie can be found on the label of roasted apples with sugar, roasted apples with raisins offer exquisite apple pie on sponge cake, roasted apples with peaches provide a sweet crumble recipe, roasted apples with cinnamon display a recipe for homemade gingerbread while apples with orange peel have a recipe for a crusty tart.

A large package (720g) makes "Fruta" roasted apples a family and economic product. One jar is enough for a large baking tin of cake, as a filling for a substantial portion of pancakes and waffles for the whole family. Roasted also provide a healthy alternative to sweets grabbed by children and ready meals including rice or a single dessert for those on a diet. The product my turn out to be especially useful when we are possessed by the craving for “a little bit of” something sweet.

"Fruta" Roasted Apples are available in five flavour options:


Roasted apples with sugar

Roasted apples and peaches with sugar

Roasted apples with cinnamon and sugar

Roasted apples and orange peel with sugar

Roasted apples and raisins with sugar



FRUTA PITTED CHERRIES – juicy sour cherries, selected from the best species of fruit, immersed in the liquid with added sugar. Natural taste and exceptional nutritional values are achieved thanks to careful production process which STOVIT branded products have to undergo. Pitted cherries are not only an excellent addition to cakes and desserts, but also provide a fine snack or dessert on their own, tempting with their unique aroma immediately after opening the jar, and then with  their unique taste. "Fruta" Roasted Apples are an indispensable ingredient of cakes, croissants and desserts. The colourful label provides a recipe for a homemade cake with cherries. What is more, "Fruta" is an excellent fruit snack or a single, low-calorie dessert. If you want to surprise your housemates with something unique, why not serve  cherries for pancakes, waffles or sponge cakes. They will be surely appetizing and perfectly go with white cream or yoghurt topping at the background , decorated with large and fleshy chunks of cherries, sprinkled with a little cane sugar or grated chocolate. Even with the most ordinary dessert will become a little culinary masterpiece. The fruity liquid of Fruta cherries is also the key ingredient of cherry compote served for dinner.