Making use of extensive experience, we have developed a line of jams that meet the expectations of the most demanding lovers of fruit closed in a jar. We have always placed particular importance on top quality raw materials from which our products are manufactured. Now, to address the consumers and our Partners’ demands, we have improved the recipes, technological process as well as the policy for sourcing raw materials so that to offer products of even higher quality. With great pleasure, we present the new line of STOVIT branded jams and plum spreads created in the spirit of the brand philosophy: “We find fruit the most important since they are the heart of our products”.

When launching STOVIT branded jams and plum spreads into market, we have taken care of both individual household consumers and bigger families. Their favorite jams are available in two weight options: 260g and 240g (for plum spreads 280g and 450g respectively).

The following flavors are available:


Peach jam

Forest fruit jam

Black currant jam

Strawberry jam

Sour cherry jam

Blueberry jam

Raspberry jam

Red fruits jam

Pineapple & passion fruit jam

Orange jam

Kiwi jam

Plum spread jam